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Adhek Sport Fishing is one of the most professional big game fishing sports facilities in Bali, Indonesia, and also the pioneer in jigging & casting in Indonesia with the artificial lures.

ASF follows IGFA rules for fishing and as a concerned to the environmentally friendly fishing, while providing you with fishing pleasure, it is obvious that environmental consideration is still our highest priority. We then apply the policy of catch & release
for the fishes captured and no littering the sea. Which mean taking home only photos, data records and maggots back home.

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" I recently had the opportunity to fish with Adhek aboard GT1 in March 2012 at Batu Abah at Nusa Penida.  We had a fantastic day and enjoyed a short but strong bite window in the morning with some quality Bali GT's, one that really made me work hard. Thank for a very enjoyable trip that was much more than just fun popping,  it was great to spend time with and pick the mind of Adhek! "

John Cahill

" I thoroughly recommend going fishing with Adhek. He takes a very professional approach, his boat is run smoothly and efficiently, he has excellent rods, reels and lures, and he knows where the fish are. What is more, he is great company and has an exemplary approach to conservation and fish welfare. If you want to catch a big GT, Adhek is your man! "

Mark Lloyd

" Adhek Amerta is a professional angler's guide in the region. His knowledge is well-known to Japan. "

Mr. K

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