Saltwater Fishing Techniques

  Ngurah   12 December, 2005

Fishing techniques on the sea surface using artificial lures such as poppers or pencils. Bait is thrown to the water at a certain distance then pulled back. The bait will simulates fish baits movements, while producing water splash on the water surface. The boat will take drifting position. Targets for this kind of fishing are mostly pelagic fishes such as, giant trevally, rainbow runner, mahi-mahi, tuna etc. Tackle type is spinning.

Fishing techniques for specific depth using artificial lures (metal jig). Bait is lowered down at certain depth then pulled up; the bait will then simulates live bait movements as it goes to surface. Boat position is drifting. The jig weighted about 100 to 500 grams. Fishes targeted are demersal (bottom) fishes such as groupers, snappers, amberjacks, giant trevally or mid-water fishes including tunas, rainbow runner, etc. In jigging we use spinning type tackle or star drag.

Fishing technique at water surface using artificial lure or bait. Artificial lures could be kona head, soft head, minnow, feather, etc. We use live baits, arranged in the tackle using specific manner of attaching it. The boat, where the trolling term at certain speed, pulls bait. Fishes targeted for trolling are giant trevally, rainbow runner, mahi-mahi, tuna, skip jack, wahoo, Spanish mackerel, etc. In this case we use the heavy tackle type.

Bottom Fishing
This fishing techniques use to catch fishes in deep water using bait, such as: shrimp, fish baits, etc. Bait is lowered down to the sea bottom. Depth is varying according to target and location. Boat position is drafting or anchored. This technique is applied to catch demersal (bottom) fishes including, groupers, snappers, amberjack, giant trevally, etc. Light tackle type is used in bottom fishing.